Monday, November 13, 2006

11 most controversial games ever @ VideoGamesBlogger

Video games have been subjected to controversy for as long as they exist. But like movies they’ll have to be accepted as mainstream entertainment, because in the end we’re still not munching pills like Pac-man did 26 years ago.

We’ve always found it a non-issue, but non-gamers (especially worried parents) can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that the rating system is on the game boxes for a reason, to protect their kids from the violence or mature language/actions in games. While the list may be numbered, it’s not a top 10. In this list Tech2 takes a look at a total of ten of the most controversial games that have given parents and politicians the world over nightmares.

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Why? Aside from being able to kill everyone, the Hot Coffee mod is infamous.

2. Manhunt
Why? It had some of the most violent deaths depicted in a game that included inserting a crowbar into an enemies cranium.

3. Postal 2
Why? While it could be finished without even firing a single shot, most players ended up shoving a shotgun up a cat’s rectum just to see what would happen.

4. Soldier of Fortune
Why? The engine allowed you to blow off individual human limbs in a highly graphical manner.

Why? Biking with crude toilet humor, foul language and unlockables like strippers and the topless mode.

6. Carmageddon
Why? Three ways to win: 1) Annihilate every opponent, 2) Run over every living thing in that level, or 3) Race from start to finish.

7. The Punisher
Why? In a bid for revenge you had Interrogation Techniques like thrusting enemies leg first into a wood chipper.

8. Bully
Why? It allows you to bully other kids and make life hell for them (although you can also save kids from bullies) but that didn’t save it from the boy-on-boy kissing parents’ discontent.

9. Reservoir Dogs
Why? The bank heist allowed the sickening glorification of violence against police officers.

10. Custer’s Revenge
Why? Highly racist and extremely offensive to women, a naked 2D General Custer avoided arrows to do it with naked Native American women tied to a Totem pole.

11. Mortal Kombat
Why? Its graphic fatality killing moves in part led to the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). The praying blood caused many critics to riot because of how violent it made the fighting game look.

12. We thought up number 11, what others can you think of?

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