Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Anarchy Online : Interview with Craig Morrison

Craig Morrison is the Community Manager for Funcom's Anarchy Online. The original sci-fi MMORPG, AO has been going for quite some time and it had been too long since we'd heard some word. Today, we get our update. AO made news by having one of the first in-game advertisements, are there any plans to have more ads in the game?

Craig Morrison: The advertising system is always evolving; we have already introduced video and interactive advertising to Anarchy Online since we began our partnership with massive Inc last year. The optional nature of the system for paying subscribers and the flow of free players into the game means that the advertising works towards maintaining the game in a way that just wouldn't be possible otherwise. We are always careful with the advertising implementations, and are always working to ensure that they appear as an integrated part of the game world and aren't intrusive to players.

The whole interview is here.

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