Friday, November 10, 2006

ArchLord: PvP Tournament @ Mmorpg

ArchLord has added a secction to their official website to accomodate sign ups for their PvP tournament.

ArchLord Launches PvP Sign-Up

As you may have noticed, we have added a new section to the ArchLord website. Earlier this month we told you all about our ArchLord PvP tournament that we would be running, made up of three leagues and featuring some top prizes.

Visit this new section of the site to learn more about what's involved, then get your team together and sign-up! Players will be granted a two-week period in which they can sign-up to take part, at the end of this period teams will be selected and randomly dispersed among the three leagues.

Rules page:
Roster submission:

For more on ArchLord click here.

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