Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Beta Olympic @ Tabula Rasa

The road ahead will be difficult, so it is our duty to help select the best of the best. We have prepared a number of challenges that will test your skills. If you think you have what it takes to compete, choose from any of the following five events:

Cross-Country Writing

Who are you? How did you join up with the AFS? How did your clan meet? What was your most heroic moment in combat? Here's your chance to share some war stories with your comrades. No topic or setting restrictions � just write about anything TR related that strikes your fancy. It can be a story, a news report, a historical retrospective, even an epic poem. Not to put a cap on anyone's creativity, but please try to keep the total word count less than 5000.

Art Decathlon

Do you have an artistic flair? Submit your best designs � wallpapers, posters, concept art, comics, advertisements, box designs, trading cards, guild crests, screensavers, icons, etc.

Synchronized Designing

If you were a member of the development team what would you create? A new character class? A new Bane creature? New weapons, armor or equipment? An AFS vehicle? An entire planet? Describe your ideas � what it looks like, how it works, etc. Visuals would add a nice touch but aren't required.

Xtreme Forum Posting

No I didn't say "spamming" � post count means nothing. We favor quality over quantity. In every forum there are certain posters who really distinguish themselves by consistently presenting good ideas and fostering a sense of community. Here's your chance to reward the posters who make your visit to the boards more enjoyable.

Creative Freestyle

This category is for those of you who not only break the mold but create an entirely new one. Here is your opportunity to really show off your uniqueness. Just about anything goes (as long as it's TR related!). You can create an audio story (like Paradise Lost), a TR inspired song, a flash game, a picture or video of yourself running around in AFS style gear fighting the Bane... Be creative!

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