Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bigfoot KillerNIC: New FNApp and Bounty @ MMorpg.Com

Bigfoot, the manufacturers of the KillerNIC, a network interface card that has games in mind, has announced the addition of a new FNApp (Flexible Network Architecture). Titled FNA Firewall, the application will allow players to run a firewall through the card rather than their CPUs. Accompanying this announcement is a cash bounty for other FNApps.

Bigfoot announces First Linux-based FNApp for the Killer NIC; posts bounty for more

To Drive FNApps Development Bigfoot Launches FNApp Bounty Program with more than $15,000 in Cash and Prizes for Linux Developers

AUSTIN, Texas – Nov. 21, 2006 – Bigfoot Networks, Inc., a research and development company announced the first Flexible Network Architecture (FNA.TM) application for the Killer™ Network Interface Card (NIC) to help make online gaming safer and more secure.

The new FNApp, called the FNA Firewall, is an embedded Linux-based firewall client application that runs inside the Killer NIC, enabling gamers to turn off their CPU burdening firewall and continue gaming with security and optimal system performance. The firewall is based on the wildly popular iptables open source firewall for Linux. The FNA Firewall is available for download at

The Killer NIC was announced this summer with FNA to allow everyone to freely write, download, and run applications that execute on the Killer’s Network Processing Unit. FNApps are embedded Linux applications designed to allow users to run an application with minimal or reduced impact on the main system’s CPU, memory subsystem, caching and hard-disk. The possibilities of FNApps are limitless and can be anything from simple packet monitoring utilities, to full-blown VoIP programs, file-sharing systems, and mini-game or chat servers.

“We like to think of FNA Firewall as enabling gamers with a Killer NIC to play online games without sacrificing performance or security. Using FNA Firewall is like putting armor on your computer; you can game safely and with confidence,” said Harlan Beverly, co-founder and CEO of Bigfoot Networks.

To download FNA Firewall go to:

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