Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Can’t get the Wii? Watch someone play it for a week LIVE!

Its been 24 hours since I started this madness. I'm off to bed see you folks in 4 hours. I'll update this entry tomorrow while I try to Virtual Console again. Goodnight.

Good Morning, well it looks like the Virtual Console is finally working for me. I just downloaded the Original Zelda and Mario. And it went a lot smoother than the other time that I tried to download it!

Red Steel: the story line is decent enough that I want to continue playing, but that aiming issue is still annoying me.

Zelda TP: Is the best. The controlls are very intuitive, and with the built in speaker on the remote you feel a lot more emersed in the game than previous Zeldas.

Rayman: Well its just a blast to play. Those Rabbids crack me up! then again that sort of stuff amuses me.

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