Thursday, November 30, 2006

City of Heroes - Interview with Lead Designer Matt Miller

When a game gives you the chance to dress up in lycra and prance around like some alzheimer's ridden Green Cross Code man you have to wonder of maybe the "Games are bad for you" brigade are making as mistake by targetting the likes of Bully and Grand Theft Auto to show how games can mess up kids. Anyway, we digress. City of Heroes. Love it. New stuff coming. Love it. Interview with the lead designer over at CG Online. Love it.

What is the main focus of the latest expansion pack for City of Heroes? Will the heroes finally be able to compete with all of the extras that the villains have been enjoying?

Issue 8 gives a lot of the bells and whistles that Villains enjoy over to Heroes. Heroes get a random mission pool similar to the newspapers in the form of the Police Band missions, as well as their own version of the Mayhem Missions, called Safeguard Missions. We did a lot in this issue to bring parity in terms of features to both sides.

Feel the love, here

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