Friday, November 24, 2006

Double XP Event @ Xiah

The folks over at OnNet USA have announced that from today until the 27th of November, they will be running a Double Experience Points Event for the game's players.

OnNet USA announces “Double Experience Points” Event for Xiah

San Jose, CA November 23rd, 2006 – OnNet USA is celebrating Xiah’s first Thanksgiving with the “Double Experience Points” Event. This event will run from 11/23/06 (00:00 AM PST) to 11/27/06 (09:00 PM PST). Xiah is OnNet USA’s Asian-themed martial arts massively multi-player on-line game. This adventure is set in a fantasy world where four warriors engage in battle in an epic struggle of good versus evil.

To celebrate the Thanksgiving Weekend, OnNet USA will be awarding Xiah players with double experience points. Experience points are awarded to players of Xiah whenever they kill monsters in the game. An accumulation of experience points leads a character to level up. During this event period characters can level up at twice the normal rate.

“Xiah has been well-received by the gaming community and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to reward those players with a little extra something for playing during this holiday season”, said Daehoon Jang, Project Manager for Xiah.

Please visit GamesCampus to play the game and for more details.

For more on Xiah click here.

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