Saturday, November 25, 2006

Downloadable NeoGeo classics on PS3 but not 360?

Fans of SNK classics such as King of Fighters would love to see a selection of the firm's classic Neo-Geo titles available to download on Sony's PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Arcade.

We've all seen how well Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting recently did on Xbox Live and the call's already been made for more retro fighters to be released.

Speaking to CVG Soichiro Hosoya, director of SNK game titles, said, "We've discussed an online delivery service for our classic NeoGeo titles through next-gen formats and Sony Computer Entertainment has agreed to our propositions." All good then in the world of PlayStation, though what the games will be and when they'll launch haven yet to be confirmed.

But the firm has yet to hear back from Microsoft about the possibility of the games heading to Xbox Live Arcade. "We've been sending our propositions to Microsoft for a while, but it will depend on their policy for the Xbox Live Arcade," continued Hosoya. "Of course, we wish to launch our NeoGeo titles through Xbox Live Arcade but we cannot tell whether they'll accept our offer or not at present."

Come on Microsoft, wasn't there a story going round recently about how Ken Kutaragi dragging his feet?

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