Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dungeons and Dragons Online News

Sporkfire has confirmed it:

A Thank You to Our Players

The recent network issues caused some inconveniences for many of you, and we’d like to make amends for that. As a thank you for your patience and support, everyone with an active subscription will receive a dragonshard.

Each character created before November 2nd, 2006 will receive a free dragonshard that will permit each character to swap out a previously chosen feat. As feats are an integral part of character development, dragonshards allow you to tune your character with a better understanding of the game and how those choices affected your character’s abilities. For more information on using dragonshards, please visit the DDO Forums or read the article on Dragonshards.

The dragonshard will be live by November 15th and will appear in character inventories at that time.

Thanks again for playing DDO!

The DDO Team

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