Thursday, November 16, 2006

Eudemons Online : One, Two, Three News Bits @

Three news bits for the price of one from the people over at Eudemons today. The first described a lottery, the second is a reduction in the level requirement for major composing and the third is a contest.

Try The Lottery To Win Super Eudemons

Have you obtained all types of eudemons available in Eudemons Online? Want some rare eudemons that you've never seen before? Prefer some eudemons born with the form of human beings? Try the lottery!

To reward our loyal players and appreciate your great support, a new type of super eudemons will debut in Eudemons Online after today's regular server maintenance.

Such eudemons can only be obtained through the lottery. Their rarity makes them born with 5+ stars. They also have very high growth rate. The detailed descriptions for these super eudemons will come out very soon.

Remember to try your good luck as early as possible. Wish you will be the first master of these super eudemons!

Good Luck!

Only Level 20 Required For The Minor Eudemons

We are happy to announce that the level requirements for the major composing have been greatly lowered. Now you can use a level-20+ minor eudemon to perform the major composing provided that your major eudemon is below 5 stars. Thus you can increase your major eudemon's growth rate much more quickly.

Find the PK Tournament Winners in Eudemon Online (From Nov. 12th to Dec. 8th)

All the players enjoyed the pleasure of PKing and competing for the amazing prizes in the PK Tournament last week.

The big prizes, including GodEudemonStone (empowers you to summon 3 eudemons), ThunderJuice (converts your eudemon into Thunder race), SuperMoonBox (makes a second socket on a non-weapon equipment), MiracleLight (a marvelous shining clothes) and God'sBlessing and EPs are really great attractions for all the players.

Although most players were satisfied with this new event, we know that only a few players can get the prizes, in order to bring the pleasure of PK Tournament to more players, we hold the 'Find the PK Tournament Winners' in Eudemon Online.

The rules is as follows:

  1. Submit a screenshot of the PK Tournament Winner at The size of the screenshot should be 1024X768, and please submit winner's name(in game), server, winner level, poster's name (in game) as well.


    The winner of the Weekly PK Tournament has a yellow circle around his/her wrist, while a purple for a Weekly PK Tournament winner.

  2. If the screenshots of a same winner are posted repeatedly, only the first three posts are eligible.
  3. Only the screenshot that contains a complete winner is eligible. The winner can be slightly hidden by others, but cannot be out of the screen even his/her tip of hair/weapon/winner circle and so on.
  4. If a screenshot contains over 1 winner, all the images of the winners meeting the requirements in 1. 2 and 3 are eligible.
  5. The PK winner cannot submit a screenshot of him/herself.
  6. The post period begins at the beginning of a PK Tournament and ends at beginning of the next one.
  7. For the result of this event, please visit our official website:

Prizes: All the eligible screenshot posters will be awarded PKPosterBag (contains a UniversalO, a RedStone, a VioletStone and a YellowStone).

For more on Eudemons click here.

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