Thursday, November 16, 2006

EVE Online : Fanfest: Revelations I & White Wolf @

In the first part of a series of reports from EVE Online's Fanfest 2006, Dana Massey reports back from Iceland on the expansion formerly known as Kali (Revelations) and the company's merger with White Wolf. Future reports include Revelations II and III and where EVE is headed in years to come. Check back in the coming days for these reports.

Originally, CCP presented Kali to the world as an epic expansion that would fundamentally alter the universe. It was huge. New models, textures, Windows Vista support, a completely new factional warfare system and much more. The revolution was underway, but soon they realized that it just was not possible - or sane - to pull off that much content in one giant bundle. So, they split it into three and Revelations I was born. On November 28th, the first of three parts hits the live servers.

Currently available on their public test server, Revelations I not only continues the theme of Biblically named expansion packs, but also further fills out a game world that has been relentlessly growing since the title's initial launch in May of 2003. Unlike many expansions we see, Revelations does not just throw a couple new classes and races (or should I say skills and ships) into the equation, but systems that fundamentally alter the experience (although there are four new battlecruisers and four new battleships to go along with those systems).

The first article is available here.

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