Saturday, November 11, 2006

Future launches Official PlayStation Magazine @ DeltaGamer

Future’s brand-new Official PlayStation Magazine hits shelves in style this month, delivering the UK’s most comprehensive preview of the PlayStation 3 hardware and games to date.

Thanks to Official PlayStation Magazine’s unparalleled access, the launch issue provides readers with the most in-depth tour of Sony’s next-generation console - from the hardware’s features and functions, to expert coverage of the launch games and beyond.

With its premium look and feel, Official PlayStation Magazine reflects the era of high definition gaming that PlayStation 3 ushers in. Delivering quality, insightful editorial and a vibrant look, the newest gaming launch from Future embraces elements of modern newspaper and magazine design.

Official PlayStation Magazine is the continuation of Future’s publishing partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, which began in 1995. The new title covers all three PlayStation formats - leading with PlayStation 3, but also covering PSP and the very best of PS2 releases. Led by Editor, Tim Clark and Editor-in-Chief, Mark Donald, Official PlayStation Magazine is published alongside Future’s existing Sony titles, Official PlayStation 2 Magazine and the Official PSP Guidebook.

The launch issue of Official PlayStation Magazine comes in an attractive collector’s slipcase. Inside, the magazine delivers a definitive 22-page expose of the PlayStation 3 hardware, packed with unique photography and insider information. The feature examines every aspect of the machine, from the new motion-sensing Sixaxis pad and the arrival of true HD gaming, to exclusive information on Sony’s network plans and the importance of Blu-ray.

Offering coverage that’s intelligent and accessible, the first issue boasts an exclusive look at how Burnout 5 will utilise the PS3’s unprecedented power. The team also travelled to Japan for an audience with Metal Gear Solid 4’s visionary creator Hideo Kojima, plus a visit to Polyphony Digital for the inside story on how Gran Turismo HD will change the way we play (.and pay for) games.

Tim Clark is Editor of Official PlayStation Magazine:

“I’m incredibly proud of what the team has achieved with the first issue and can’t wait for people to get their hands on it. This is absolutely essential reading for anyone considering getting a PlayStation 3, and there’s so much more to come - with new sections added from next month, huge PS3 exclusives planned, plus unrivalled coverage of the very best PSP and PS2 software.”

Publisher of Future’s Sony portfolio, Matt Pierce added:

“The official Sony PlayStation portfolio will work together seamlessly and promote each other. Official PlayStation Magazine will focus on PS3, Official PlayStation 2 Magazine will meet the needs of the now-younger PS2 gamer while the PSP Special will focus on handheld gamers looking to get the most out of their portable console. To underline their continued importance, both Official PlayStation 2 Magazine and the Official PSP Guidebook will receive redesigns in the new year, ensuring they match the changing nature of their readerships.”

The first issue of Official PlayStation Magazine goes on sale Wednesday 15th November - with a coverprice of £4.99 - presented in a collector’s slipcase. The magazine goes monthly from Wednesday 10th January 2007.

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