Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Gamer's Manifesto @ MMorpgDot

Joystiq, has come across as interesting article. A Gamer's Manifesto. You can find the orginally Posted at A pointless Waste of Time.

We have picked a few points out of this article that we all know are right. So if you are sick of some of the industry things, then go and read the whole article, you may find it as interesting as we did.
  • Don't bullshit us on the difficulty
    Gradually tougher enemies, more enemies, mind-bending puzzles, it's all good. It's all fair. But DO NOT try to artificially make your game harder with:

    Arbitrary triggers in RPG's. Why isn't the Dark Elf waiting at the Black Temple like he said? Because I haven't talked to every fucking person in town yet. Can we at least write in some kind of actual cause and effect here that might make some kind of actual sense to me? Because I don't get any sense of reward or accomplishment by randomly activating subroutines via mind-numbing repetition.

  • Don't use the online capability as an excuse to release broken games
    The first time we hear the word "patch" in relation to a PS3 or XBox 360 game, we're taking the console back to the store. Filled with our shit.
    But surely the console industry, always more business savvy than their PC counterparts, will avoid making us gamers their unpaid beta testers.
    Chances of that happening...
    ...again depends on how many turd-filled consoles they get stuck with. In other words, the consumer always gets exactly what they'll put up with.

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