Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gears of War Jammed Up in Memphis? @ TeamxBox

Many gamers across internet forums, including ours, are reporting that their local EB Games and GameStop are informing of a problem with the Gears of War shipment being stuck in Memphis. In our forums, user waytoodeep03 said:

"Does anyone live in Florida and was able to purchase this from EB this morning? I live in FL and they are saying that the shipment is left in Memphis and should be here tomorrow?"

UltimaEnder, who lives in Alabama, said that “managers drove to Memphis to pick up the game because of this issue, it is real.”

Lebron23, from Ohio, reported the same problem and so did AJ Riley from Orlando, RunAMuck from New Hampshire and our own programmer Tony Ford, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Nomb told me over IM:
"I just got off the phone about my preorder at my local GameStop and he told me the same thing. Probably won't get it till tomorrow cause games are delayed in Memphis."

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