Saturday, November 04, 2006

[Guild War] The Scribe #21

Ships Arrive in Elona; Corsairs Raid Dye Transports

Many of those making their way to Elona have begun arriving at the great port of Kamadan. The Sunspears are scrambling to muster and train as many troops as possible to launch a strike against those attempting to release a powerful, world-threatening evil. It is the Sunspears' most fervent hope that, upon removal of those responsible for this atrocity, peace will once again return to Elona.

The Mad King Has Left the Building

Calm is returning to Kamadan and Lion's Arch, and the pumpkin-wearing crowds are returning to their normal lives. The Mad King has departed, for now, and the masses are reveling in the many gifts he left behind in his lunatic wake. Do not be shocked if you continue to see walking, talking—even dancing—candy corn over the next few weeks. Some do not wish to say goodbye to the Halloween spirit just yet.

The gifts Mad King Thorn distributed have turned into quite a valuable commodity. Many citizens would never dream of handing over their hard-earned treats, but those who are willing to do so are making a killing in the market. It can be expected that the price of these items will continue to rise as supplies diminish, so if you desire to acquire a few extra Halloween treats—perhaps some Squash Serum or Witch's Brew—now would be the time to trade for them.

Random Acts of Kindness

This has been an extremely busy week! Hundreds of ships have been arriving here in Elona, and Kamadan is packed to capacity. Mad King Thorn's grand celebration also brought many people out to enjoy the festivities, affording me the opportunity to meet quite a few exceptional citizens this past week.

A friend of mine who remains on Shing Jea Island sent me word of a few kind acts that took place there. In Ran Masu Gardens, Ceridwyn Moonblade gave away an assortment of Warrior weapons to those in need. In the late Minister Cho's Estate, Ron Stopable was offering free help on quests to any who could use a hand. In Seitung Harbor, The Last Fallen God was also offering assistance to those less experienced in combat. Tales of your good deeds make my heart long to return to my beloved island home.

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