Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hackers and Cheaters @ Priston Tale

Dear Customers,

With server merge, PristonTale has carried out overall review on the DB and has found large number of users with the history of illegal tool usage. We would like to take this opportunity to stress once again that, using the illegal tool not only causes one's use of service to be terminated but also affects other innocent users and the game environment.

We have taken appropriate action against the users found with the history of illegal tool usage; however, as of Wednesday 8th Nov 2006 (GMT +09:00) any user found with such history will have their account permanently blocked.

Also we will take stronger action against any users using illegal tool with newly created account after the merge by carrying out IP search to not only permanently block their account but also their IP.

We sincerely hope that every PristonTale user shares the idea and need for the community being fare and clean for all to enjoy, our basic service principle.

Thank you for your continuous love and support for PristonTale.

Global GM

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