Friday, November 03, 2006

Halo 3 Humpday

This week we played another Halo 3 Humpday, actually starting a bit of a regular thing with this. We’ll hopefully be able to do a bi-weekly Halo 3 Humpday. It’ll be easier than it has previously, because I’ll actually be able to name some maps and talk about a few other weapons that we’re using.

We recruited six to play in the Humpday.

Red Team

A little too friendly with that rocket launcher. Especially to team mates.
deckardo- Know how you’ve always had that friend who can just pick up the game without having played in forever and he’s still good? Joe Staten’s one of those. [OMG love Joe much KP? -Frankie]
ske7ch- Man cannon aficionado.

Blue Team

Thinks he can just coast through the final match if it doesn’t matter.
mrstosh- Was not making approved use of his time.
K4yP- Who took KP on partnernet*? Better yet, who took KayPee? Er... I did, months ago. But I can’t retrieve them. :sadface:

*Partnernet- Microsoft’s internal Xbox Live network, which is how we played these games. Oh yes, look out for the hilarious Partnernet codename for what game we're playing.


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