Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Gamespot review

Gamespot have published their review of the highly anticipated Zelda: Twilight Princess. They give the game a solid score of 8.8, below IGN's score of 9.5, but good none the less. They rate among the positives things like the storyline and puzzle design, and the negatives the way the Wii elements feel "tacked on".

The Wii was designed with relatively modest graphical capabilities, at least from a technical perspective. So if you spend a lot of time trying to pick apart the visuals of Twilight Princess, you'd notice plenty of low-res textures and jagged edges. But that would be missing the point. Twilight Princess is an excellent-looking game due to some terrific art design. Much has already been said about the art style reverting back to a more mature or realistic look after Wind Waker took the series in a decidedly cartoonlike direction. While there's nothing terribly "mature" about this T-rated game, it looks absolutely great from an artistic perspective. The world itself offers the sort of variety you'd naturally expect from a fantasy game, with everything from lakes to deserts to dungeons, but it's when you start seeing the twilight realm that the game really takes off, visually.

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Source: Gamespot

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