Tuesday, November 28, 2006

MMOWTF: No Nos for MMOs @ MMorpg.Com

Dan Fortier gives some free advice to MMO developers on what not to do with your MMO. MMOWTF is a weekly column on MMORPG.com.

Sometimes you look at the debacles that have occurred over the course of the short history of MMOs and you wonder: Do they ever learn? You would think that by looking back with hindsight at some of the mistakes that have been inflicted on us by shortsighted or incompetent developers that the next generation of publishers would have compiled a very comprehensive list of what not to do. Sadly, we see the same mistakes being repeated time and time again mixed in with a fresh batch of new blunders with every title released. Have no fear my fickle readers for I have created a short cheat sheet for all current and future designers called: No Nos for MMOs. Read and be enlightened!

The full column is here.

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