Monday, November 06, 2006

Music game mania! @ GameDaily

The evidence:
11/2 Every Extend Extra (PSP, Q Entertainment)
11/6 Lumines 2 (PSP, Q Entertainment)
11/6 Elite Beat Agents (DS, iNiS)
11/14 Gitaroo Man Lives (PSP, iNiS)
11/14 Gunpey (PSP, Q Entertainment)
11/14 Gunpey (DS, Q Entertainment)

The Q Entertainment batch may not be music games in the sense of traditional rhythm music games, but no one can deny how important music is to the experience so they can safely be classified as such. It's incredible, Q Entertainment and iNiS own my wallet for this month. GameDaily editorial director John Benyamine gobbled up the reviews for these games so look forward to his takes in the upcoming week, and of course, keep tabs on the blogs for my thoughts.

It bears mentioning that Guitar Hero 2 also ships 11/6. That's a pretty good game from what I hear. No, that wasn't an attempt at dramatic understatement; I actually haven't ever played Guitar Hero before. But can you imagine walking into a store next week and coming out with Lumines 2, Elite Beat Agents, and Guitar Hero 2 in one bag? Musical bliss.

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