Monday, November 27, 2006

NWN2 - 50 reasons NWN2 is better than NWN1

A player has posted on the official NWN2 forums an interesting thread on Neverwinter Nights 2. The thread aims to highlight 50 reasons why NWN2 is better than the origional game. We recommend checking it out

I love Bioware's NWN. Nobody should take this as a slam against the original game. But with all the negativity on these forums, and with people trying to decide whether or not they should buy NWN2, I thought I would share these things.

In no particular order, here is 50 reasons why NWN2 is better than NWN1:

01) The Official Campaign, which is light-years ahead of the one Bioware created for the original Neverwinter Nights.

02) The ability to take four classes, which should give anyone the ability to create any character they desire. There were too many times I wish I had another class option in NWN.

03) The text font, which is much easier to read than the one that is included in NWN.

04) Cutscene conversations, which create a sense of immersion in a singleplayer experience without a lot of scripting required.

05) Party control, which trumps the henchman system availabile in NWN.

06) Subraces are included. In NWN, it requires fiddling about with haks, and even then they aren't implemented nearly as well.

07) The ability to pick a Forgotten Realms Deity, which further adds immersion into the gameworld. Sure, NWN had a field you could type in, but that was all.

08) Far more prestige classes included in the basic game than you can shake a stick at, which didn't require us to wait for an expansion pack.

09) A new base class: Warlock.

10) Helmets that don't block your face. As well as other accessories that can be worn on the head.

Read the full list here.

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