Saturday, November 18, 2006

NWN2 - Review at Uncompressed

Uncompressed have published their review of Neverwinter Nights 2. They rate the game a modest score of 3.5 with a low 2/5 for performance and good 4/5 for gameplay.

As I stated earlier, NWN2 plays almost identical to its predecessor. Even with the revised DnD 3.5 rules, there is little change from the strategies and overall “feel” of the original. For my campaign I chose the monk class, which is the same class I played through NWN with – the experience was the same right down to the weapons and armor I ended up with. You basically move from town to town (through the new map system – one descent from the original), helping people solve their own problems as they contribute to part of the larger conflict. It’s pretty standard fare for an RPG, fighting monsters to get loot and gain levels, with a rich storyline giving motivation for the conflict. While some may think that this may be another negative – I would disagree. The Forgotten Realms setting is extremely well established, and having a familiar experience in that world gives the player that warm, glowing feeling of nostalgia.

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Source: Uncompressed

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