Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nyko Responds to Intercooler Complaints @ Elektriq

Nyko finally answers the problems being faced by its Intercooler for the 360. Three weeks ago, we reported that even Microsoft itself is having some doubts regarding the product.

In a statement issued today, Nyko maintains its belief to the accessory 100%.

According to the company, the recent reports are actually isolated events and not to be taken as fact. While also stating they would give the matter a serious look, Nyko then went on saying, "A small percentage of all products suffer from defects and the Intercooler 360 is less than half the average for consumer electronics products." When we had the article put up in our site back in October, all reports have not been accounted for and no official figure was released.

Furthermore, Nyko invites everyone who claims to have suffered the incident to let them look at the consoles. Upon first hand verification that their product indeed caused the Xbox 360 to fail, Nyko promises to replace not only the Intercooler but the console as well.

Some comments by our users:

* "This product is horrible- My system wont turn on anymore, and I bought it brand new only two months ago! I got the red ring of death about a month ago and tried to take the intercooler off, but the damn thing is melted on and cant be removed! DO NOT BUY! I'm still waiting to see if Nyko will pay for the repairs I'll have to have done."

* "Confirmed. This product will destroy your 360 overtime. It has almost started fires as well."

* "I say that anyone who had bought this should email me at and we should look at getting a law suite filed against NYko for the horrible product!"

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