Thursday, November 09, 2006

Official Wal-Mart launch details @ Joystiq

Joystiq has been in contact with Wal-Mart corporate to get Wii and PS3 launch details. We've got something old, something new, something rumored and a bunch of stuff true.

The old: We can confirm almost everything from our previous post on Wal-Mart Wii and PS3 launch details from the "Wal-Mart Wire." The dates, the times and the ticket information is on point. The Wal-Mart stores should only give out the number of tickets for units they have. No word yet on official numbers per store, but Wii numbers should be no less than 20.

The new: Wal-Mart corporate says, "We currently have plans for a Thursday, Nov. 16 midnight event to launch PS3. In addition, Wal-Mart store #890 in Orlando, FL will host the Playstation Patrol truck Friday-Sunday." As for the Wii, Wal-Mart corporate says they are currently not accepting online pre-orders due to the popular demand, but are evaluating options for additional pre-orders before the official launch on Nov. 19. The Wii pre-order is online only, not in stores. They will let Joystiq know when a decision is made regarding the pre-order. Although the "Wal-Mart Wire" speaks directly to a midnight launch for the Wii, as does the poster above, details and confirmation can not be given at this time.

The rumor, not confirmed by corporate: If there isn't one already, all Wal-Mart stores should have a cardboard display case with free books called a "Wii Buyer's Guide" within the next couple of days. These will be replaced with the "Playstation 3 Buyer's Guide" by the 17th or when all the "Wii Buyer's Guide" are taken. The picture above is from the December issue of the Wal-Mart monthly flyer (tab) and pertains to electronic items from Nomember 12-19 (not to be confused with the weekly sale ones). A Wal-Mart employee tells us, "My store has already cleared shelf space for the PS3 and Wii accessories. Something interesting to note is that they have also restarted carrying Gamecube accessories, right next to the space cleared for the Wii. It's the first time I've seen Wavebirds on sale in over a year."

All the information regarding Wal-Marts launch details are not ironed out, but we'll update as we receive and gather more info.

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