Monday, November 20, 2006

Online Gangster Game Drives By 1.7 Million Subscriptions Mark @ DeltaGamer

Omerta, a free, text-based massively multiplayer RPG that consumes over 5.5 Terrabytes of data traffic a month, is based on the stories about the legendary don Barafranca. It has been running for over three years and is played daily by 70,000 plus wise guys and all about immersing players into the world of a wannabe mob boss as he or she tries to survive the struggles consistent with holding on to that power.

Omerta accommodates up to 8,000 players online simultaneously – all vying to make their way through the ranks of one of 100 mafia families (each containing up to 1,000 members) and 16 alliances, with the ultimate goal of becoming The Don. Players progress by killing, stealing, robbing banks and forging false alliances and it doesn’t require a bleeding edge PC to a life of virtual crime.

Omerta Game Ltd is headed-up by Steve Biddick, Paul Fargus and Moritz Daan, who collectively began coding and running Omerta as a hobby, and is now playable in 23 languages and run by 120 volunteers worldwide. It has spawned a comic, countless fansites, several in-game newspapers and ‘oBay’ – an in-game means of buying and selling ill-gotten gains.

“We’re not real gangsters,” jokes Steve Biddick, reluctant CEO of Omerta Game Ltd. “Game Republic has helped hugely with networking within the industry and introduced us to several agencies who have transformed Omerta Game Ltd into a professional business and less like the contents of someone’s shed. They have also put us in touch with third parties who are working on our behalf to help the business gain a foothold in the Korean market and assisted with a major R&D grant application (to help fund three more games) to the Department of Trade and Industry.”

“Omerta Game Ltd’s ability to successfully manage online communities with such verve and professionalism is simply amazing,” adds Craig Albeck, Game Republic. “With the business itself in rude health but looking to expand its influence to a wider audience, Game Republic has been able to present Omerta Game Ltd with a number of networking opportunities and in doing so hopefully raised the profile of the company.”

Omerta is available to play by registering at

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