Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Phoenix Wright's face revealed in the DS sequel @ PocketGamer

Gosh, this is confusing. What do you call the game that’s actually the new Phoenix Wright game but actually isn’t the new Phoenix Wright game that everyone’s expecting soon? Not to be confused with the previous Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney or forthcoming Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (both of which are DS ports of previous GBA games), Gyakuten Saiban 4 is the first in the series to be specifically developed for the DS. Today Famitsu revealed what will be inside the limited edition version when it’s released sometime next spring: a “Phoenix Wright Encyclopaedia” DS game, essentially a collection of data regarding the cases in the previous three games that’ll enable you to relive those grisly murders like you were there, should you so morbidly desire.

Famitsu also revealed a tiny bit of information about the first case you’ll be investigating in the game. It’s very possibly a little bit spoilery if you’re a gaming prude, so I’ll hide it after the jump.

Still here? Excellent! Anyway, it was previously revealed in Famitsu a few months back that Phoenix wouldn’t actually be the star of the game, which is instead fronted by rookie lawyer Odoroki. Today’s information was about the first witness you’ll be talking to in the game. See that screenshot? That’s him. Guess who it is. Can you? Have you got it? It’s Phoenix! What the hell has happened to him? When did he get so goddamn sexy? Suddenly, Spring feels way too far away.

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