Monday, November 27, 2006

Purchase A PS3 For Less Than $20!

Last Friday, in the first of many UA PS3 auctions, the PS3 sold for $6.06.

Currently, the PS3's are being auctioned off for no more than $15.05 on This may seem a little far fetched, but last Christmas, over 100 Xbox 360's sold from $0.92 to $4.34 on UA. One current auction has received over 2,100 bids.

The way it works is unlike traditional auction sites, it's not the highest bid that wins; it's the most 'unique' bid that wins - a number that no other bidder has selected.

For example, the $599.99 PlayStation 3 will have a ceiling price as low as $15.05. Users can select or “bid” on any number from anywhere between 0.01 and $15.05 at $2.00 per bid (or $1.00 for platinum members) to cover the cost of the system. Let's say three people bid $15.05, two people bid $15.04 and one person bids $15.03 -- then the "most unique bid" would be $15.03. This means the winner will only pay $15.03 for the sought after system.

For more detail on how UniqueAuction works visit the website.

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