Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Second Life (PC) - Worm Attack Causes Temporary Shutdown

The BBC are reporting that social MMO Second Life was forced to temporarily shutdown after being successfully targetted and attacked by a malicious worm (sounds like a bad movie plot of ever there was one). Unfortunately this was the virus type rather than the slimy bad CGI type, which caused shiny rings to appear all over the game world that replicated when a player interacted with them.

The self-replicating worm planted spinning gold rings around the virtual world, which is inhabited by more than a million users. Players treated the attack with a mixture of mirth and anger.
"Can this game get any more unpredictable and exciting?" asked one user, Loretta Lurra on the official Second Life blog.
As users interacted with the rings they replicated, resulting in a slowdown on the servers used by Second Life's creators Linden Lab, in California.

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