Tuesday, November 07, 2006

SEGA and Marvel bring Iron Man to the next-generation @ XboxWay

Directly from San Francisco and London, a double announcement arrives, from SEGA and Marvel, on an alliance for the production of a series of video-games with Iron Man as main character.

Iron Man

The famous American software house, SEGA, has, in fact, been able to acquire exclusively the rights on Marvel intellectual property and the first game born from this marriage will be the official game of the movie which will hit cinemas on the 2nd of May 2008.

"SEGA is an excellent partner to bring our Iron Man franchise to the next-generation consoles," declares David Maisel, Marvel Entertainment Executive Vice President. "SEGA is a powerful firm in video-games world and has always been able to produce excellent software. We are very proud of being able to take Iron Man to cinemas on 2008 and to have done this alliance with such a great partner to take simultaneously Iron Man to the video-game world."

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