Sunday, November 19, 2006

Silverfall - IGN's preview

IGN have published their preview of Silverfall, due to release in Europe next week, for all to see. They give the game a good overview, and don't seem to have any major gripes with it so far. You can judge for youself by reading the preview here!

It seems all characters in the game are intertwined with Silverfall's theme of nature versus technology. As you develop your own character, you'll start to lean to one side or the other. It's your choice which way to go, and different skills are unlocked depending on the direction you take. For instance, focusing on nature unlocks shapeshifting abilities while pursuing technology allows you to wield sophisticated armaments. These kinds of skills are mutually exclusive, so you need to be sure what abilities you're chasing before doling out skill points. Favoring nature or technology not only affects what kinds of skills become available to you, but also how the game's principal city of Silverfall develops. Depending on what kinds of side quests, of which there are 200, you accept and complete, the city will undergo visual changes and vendors will sell different items, among other things.

Source: IGN

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