Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sir Lawrence's Scavenger Hunt @ Dungeons & Dragons Online

Sir Lawrence D'Deneith is back with another Scavenger Hunt challenge for adventurers!
“Located throughout Smuggler's Rest and Stormreach's various wards (Harbor, Marketplace, Houses Deneith, Phiarlan, Kundarak and Jorasco as well as the Cemetary), I have hidden rare collectibles in obscure corners, bushes and waters in the city.
My challenge to you, is to find the following:
  • 50 Twelve-Sided Crystals collectibles
  • 50 Tears of Vulkoor collectibles
  • 50 Alchemist’s Chapbooks collectibles
Feel free to trade items with friends (or sell if you're an entrepreneur) to collect every collectible needed to win an exclusive Wayfinder Scepter!

I'll be hiding the items for the duration of two bells, during that time, if you find the necessary amount of collectibles, send me a message and I will trade you for a Wayfinder Scepter!
Good luck, and sally forth!
-Sir Lawrence d'Deneith”
The rules:

We will be hosting a live Scavenger Hunt on several servers this weekend. (Don’t worry, if you don’t see your server listed below, we will visit yours soon!)

The events will last two (2) hours each on a given server (see list below for current event servers.)

To win, you must find the following:
  • 50 Twelve-Sided Crystals collectibles
  • 50 Tears of Vulkoor collectibles
  • 50 Alchemist’s Chapbooks collectibles

The collectibles can be found in obscure areas in the public spaces around Stormreach, we recommend taking the time to carefully search the city for these rare items!

You may trade or sell collectibles if you find extras, however, please understand that cutthroat selling of these items will be frowned upon. Let's keep it friendly and fun, people! (Sir Lawrence mentioned that selling items for ham is encouraged. He loves ham and thinks you should too.)

Once all items are found, visit +Sir Lawrence d’Deneith in the Leaky Dinghy and offer him a trade. Give him all the items he is looking for, and upon verification (sorry, while he likes ham, he will not accept it as a replacement for the collectibles) he will trade you for the Wayfinder Sceptre.

The Wayfinder Scepter gives a +1 bonus to your Search skill. (This does not stack with other items that give a bonus to Search.) The scepter is a prize-only exclusive and cannot be obtained through normal gameplay. The scepter does not bind and has no value. No more than one scepter is available to each winning player. If you want more than one, you will need to log in with a different character and find more collectibles.


Saturday, November 11, 5PM Eastern - Ghallanda
Saturday, November 11, 8PM Eastern - Aundair

Sunday, November 12, 5PM Eastern - Khyber
Sunday, November 12, 8PM Eastern - Riedra

[Void in non-participating areas of Eberron. Harmful if swallowed. If swallowed do not induce vomiting. Side effects include excitement and bragging rights.]

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