Friday, November 17, 2006

Sony Throws PS3 Launch Party in NYC

Sony held a private party for its fans in the SonyStyle Plaza on Madison Avenue in New York last night to celebrate the launch of the PlayStation 3. 400 lucky gamers, many of whom had been waiting in line for literally days, were allowed entry and presented with a wristband that guaranteed them access to purchase a PlayStation 3 at midnight.

Hot 97 DJ Fatman Scoop hosted the event, which featured a performance by comedian Charlie Murphy and a brief appearance by rapper Ludacris, while Sony Corporation chairman and CEO Sir Howard Stringer and SCEA president Kaz "Ridge Racer" Hirai were in attendance to hand over the first PS3. The lucky recipient, a fellow named Angel Paredes, sat outside the store for four days. Dedication or insanity? You decide.

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