Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Two Games Returned to List @ Mmorpg.Com

MMORPG.com's policy is to add the North American version of any MMO to our list as the primary game. In two cases, games were removed from the list when the original company we listed them under disappeared. Today, we're adding two foreign (yet English language) versions of games back to the list that had previously been removed.
  • RYL: Unforgiven Wars: More familiar to some as RYL, Risk Your Life or RYL: Path of the Emperor, this game was removed after their North American publisher Planetwide Games shut down their servers. The game is also hosted by a company in Tahiti called Tahiti Nui Interactive. We've thus returned the game to the list.
  • A3: This game had been removed during recent maintenance when it's website appeared to have disappeared. An Indian company is currently hosting an English version of the game for players to enjoy. Thus, we've returned it to the list as well.

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