Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wii Virtual Console Secrets - Revealed!

The launch of the Wii console is little over a month away now, and although we've analysed every aspect of the innovative new console under the world's most powerful magnifying glass, it still conceals a few mysteries - particularly in the Virtual Console.

With the full list of launch-day Virtual Console games having been released earlier this week, we thought it the perfect time to focus on the retro download service and uncover some of those mysteries.

So we threw a barrage of questions at Nintendo and got back some interesting information - how the games are stored, how much they'll cost and more. Check it out below and, if you have any more questions of your own, throw them down in the comments section and we'll put them to Nintendo for answers.

Although there has been a lot of interest regarding the Virtual Console, the Wii retro download service, the details of how it works have been a bit vague. Nintendo UK have got around to answering some of the most important questions.

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