Monday, December 04, 2006

Dark Messiah - Gamer Shell Review

Gamers Hell have given an overall score of 6.7 to Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. They say in the review that the game is a let down, but not a terrible game, and wern't too impressed.

DARK MESSIAH OF MIGHT AND MAGIC is a let down; not a terrible game, but disappointingly short of its potential. In focusing on shooter-like combat, the open-ended RPG greatness of games like ARX FATALIS was sacrificed--why not give us both? Nice art direction and atmospheric lighting are ruined by jarring voice acting that takes us out of the nicely-imagined world. Potentially interesting physics-based combat is overused. In short, for every impressive element of the game, there is something that doesn't quite work. Patching will fix the bugs, but not bring back the choice, freedom, and depth of a satisfying RPG experience.

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Source: Gamers Hell

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