Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - Composer interview at IGN

IGN have published an interview with Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan, music composers on Dark Messiah. The interview asks how they got into doing the project, and how they came up with the music.

IGN Music: Since the game was already well into development by the time you were hired to compose the score, I assume that you were given a ton of cinematics to work with as well as being able to access actual game play footage to aid you in the creation of the music, right?

Cris & Sascha: There were many cinematics to score and we were given those as visual reference. The cinematics are obviously linear like a normal movie and need to be scored to picture to make sure we're hitting the right cue points. Occasionally, Ubisoft would also give us gameplay footage and screenshots to help immerse us in the "Dark Messiah" world. This is crucial to our creative process. It's one thing to just talk about a monster or huge battle that will be taking place, but to actually see it is where the inspiration comes from.
You can read the full three page interview here
Source: IGN

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