Thursday, December 07, 2006

Editorial: Girl Gamers, Are They Real? @ MMorpg.Com

Carolyn Koh asks this important question. Are girl gamers a myth or reality?

We don't just play Barbie Make-up World or My Pretty Pink Ponies either. Those titles didn't even exist when I was growing up. I played Centipede, Pacman, and Joust (although I stank at Joust) but I didn't play those on a PC. I had to put a quarter into a machine. Time went by and I graduated to PC games such as Eric the Unready, Camelot, created a pilot with nickname of Pinky in Gunship 2000, solved puzzles as Guy Threepwood and played Castle Wolfenstein on the office LAN after hours with the guys in engineering.

I don't play PvP games unless it's team against team / realm against realm. Just my preference... but although I do not play PvP regularly, I've always like shooters. I preferred picking up a rifle and plinking ducks, sinking battleships with torpedoes and killing aliens... and learning to lose to my dates. Or else not beating them too, too badly.

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