Monday, December 04, 2006

Eragon - chopped down like an X-mas tree by Eurogamer

Eurogamer have given the Baldrick of society score of 2/10 for one of the latest movie tie-ins; Eragon. Eurogamer havn't really found many things to like with this game, a sentiment shared by some other reviews, but not all. They describe the game as "below par" in every single area possible, however in one of their picture captions they do jokingly give it a 9/10 just for having the legend that is Jeremy Irons in a game.

Like Stormfront's Lord of the Rings effort, you can also play the game in offline drop-in/drop-out co-op, but it's highly unlikely you'll want to torment any of your friends by making them join in the antics. That, on its own, represented the last shred of possible replayabilty, which again calls into question the sanity of SlipClubDJ, a man who allegedly had the spare time and the iron will to endure a second play through straight after his first. Some things in life are just too improbable.

It's unfortunate that Sierra has fallen on its sword so heavily with this ill-conceived film tie-in. Eragon drags up torrid memories of the bad old days when movie licensed games were not only terrible games, but had sod-all to do with the subject matter. Judged on its own merits, it's clearly below par game in every single area imaginable. Technically bereft, poorly designed and coma-inducing to play, it's about as far away from being an example of where gaming is today as you can imagine. Even the most fanatical followers of the novels and the forthcoming movie will be well-advised to steer well clear - unless you actually want to find out what constitutes a dreadful action adventure.

Enjoy the hanging here

Source: Eurogamer

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