Thursday, December 07, 2006

EverQuest II : Dev Chest

EverQuest II has released a new Dev Chest for our reading enjoyment. The EQII Dev Chest points players to specific threads on the game's official forums that the developers themselves have taken part in.

Sometimes it's hard to find the buried treasures contained within the EverQuest II forums. The Dev Chest highlights useful, insightful, or entertaining posts from the developers that you may want to check out. Get your treasure maps and shovels ready--we're about to discover a Dev Chest!

  • Discussions about Sargent Slate have started up and Vhalen chimes in to provide the lore details. Check it out in Sargent Slate!
  • Do you wonder if Kor'allaztaraka is bugged? Morticus pays a visit to answer some of these questions in Kor'allaztaraka bugged?
  • The Proc discussion continues! See what Aeralik has to say about this interesting topic in Proc Discussion!
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