Thursday, December 07, 2006

Final Fantasy III - DS Euro Release Date Confirmed

And about bleedin' time too we say. Eurogamer have brought us the good news that Final Fantasy III on the DS has at last got itself a European release date From Square/Enix. The bad news that you will have to wait unil next Spring to get hold of it.

Originally only released in Japan for the NES, Final Fantasy III has taken around 17 years to make the transition (which is pretty poor even by Squenix's standards), but early reviews suggest that its quality has held up surprisingly well - perhaps partly thanks to the new work Squenix has done, introducing touch-screen controls, Wi-Fi Connection capabilities, and more.

Or perhaps it's none of those things. We'll find out soon though, because, well, sod spring - you can always import it from the US instead.

Read more here then head to your nearest importer.

Source: Eurogamer

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