Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lord of the Rings Online : Exploring Middle-Earth: Green Dragon Inn

Turbine's Lord of the Ring's Online: Shadows of Angmar has released a new Exploring Middle-Earth feature. This time around, they're taking a bit of a look at the Green Dragon Inn.

Weary adventurers in the Shire looking for a bit of rest and a tale or two amongst friends would do well to make their way to The Green Dragon Inn in Bywater. This local favorite is well-known for its friendly atmosphere, not to mention the tales of events both far and near, some of which are as large as the great room of The Dragon itself, if the truth of it be told. Located near the tranquil Bywater Pool in the village that proudly shares the Bywater name, The Green Dragon Inn welcomes all, so long as they come with a story to tell.

The Green Dragon Inn stands near the center of the Shire, just to the south and east of Hobbiton, and near to the Great East Road. Despite the growing shadows in Angmar to the north and Mordor in the east, The Green Dragon Inn remains one of the Shire's most pleasant places to rest and learn of the goings-on in and around the Shire. Constructed with a broad great room to accommodate a large number of travellers, adventurers and storytellers, The Green Dragon is as the place to go for the latest news (and gossip, of course), as well as a destination to meet with potential allies and strike out on quests into the wild areas beyond the relative safety of the Shire, as Bilbo Baggins did with the company of Dwarves from this very inn so long ago.

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