Thursday, December 21, 2006

Online Gaming Radio

Tune into EQ2’s-Day this Tuesday from 3-6pm Pacific for a fun filled adventure with your hosts Akira and Dellmon.

The holiday season is knocking on our doors already as we prepare to do our yearly wishing. As we have done in the past, the week before frostfell’s peak we host a topic about all the different features and goodies you would like to see implemented into Everquest 2.

We go over everything from expansion packs, to individual items, to different services we would like to see offered. But its not just us the hosts wishing! We scrounge up everything we can get, from all players abroad, to give you the most diverse idea’s out there. If we don’t even think a feature could work, we talk about it and tweak/cut it until we can make it sound viable for our Everquest 2 Environment.

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