Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pet Encyclopedia @ Myth War Online

IGG has announced the release of their online "Pet Encyclopedia". The new section will give players more information about the six different species of pet that are available in Myth War Online.

Myth War Online Pet Encyclopedia Barks, Squawks and Meows for Contributors

(Sunnyvale, CA – December 1, 2006) – Internet Gaming Gate (IGG) announces the Myth War Online Pet Encyclopedia, loaded with the information players need about pets in IGG’s fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Myth War Online. In one place players can learn about pet features, how pets relate to each other, training tips, and everything players will need to fully utilize their pets.

There are six different species of pets in Myth War Online, each with unique characteristics and each a vital part of this exciting game. With their skill sets, ability to level up faster than their masters, and combat capabilities, pets are indispensable. In fact, the shrewd player keeps multiple pets to gain the most advantage from every situation. Yet, keeping all the pet species’ attributes and talents straight can be a challenge. That’s the reason why creators of Myth War Online have compiled the Pet Encyclopedia, found at this website address

Myth War Online is taking the Pet Encyclopedia one step further. They are inviting contributions from the players themselves. Do you have a clever way to train a pet? Where is a good place to obtain one? How have you used your pets in past adventures? The Myth War Online staff welcomes any and all ideas, with accepted contributions uniquely rewarded. Encyclopedia ideas and feedback may be contributed at this address: .

Myth War Online, developed by Unigium, is a beautifully illustrated isometric 2D fantasy MMORPG. Myth War Online offers four races, over one hundred pets that can be trained, over 200 skill sets to learn, and vast tracts of unique lands to explore and adventure within the game. In keeping with the magical atmosphere rich within the game, players can even encounter certain characters who share incredible myths and legends that have the power to become true. For more details about Myth War Online, their official website is

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