Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mortal Kombat Won’t Be Coming to DS

We’re still not sure what Midway has planned for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon on Wii — ripping out someone’s spine with a hand motion might not go over so well with the parents. But what we definitely won’t be seeing is Mortal Kombat on Nintendo DS, as Midway Chicago studio head Scot Bayless tells Gamastura he doesn’t think it’s a solid creative choice, even if the game would likely make them money.Bayless compared the idea to porting their NFL Blitz franchise onto the platform. “The same is true of Mortal Kombat. I’m not going to be a big fan of putting it on Nintendo DS. It would be hard for me to believe that’s a good idea. It might even be able to make some money, but it’s not a great use of our time,” he says.

Then again, proper 3D on the DS isn’t easy to pull off and executing fatalities with Harry Potter stylus trickery really doesn’t sound very fun; Midway’s probably right about this one — but that doesn’t answer our questions about the Wii version.

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