Monday, February 19, 2007

DAoC - 1.88patch has some interesting additions

Camelot Vault have published the 1.88 patch notes for The Dark Age of Camelot. This includes the interesting addition of allowing players to buy their master levels through bounty points instead of having to go through the long PvE grind. If this goes down well with the player base or not, we can only wait and see.

The availability of rewards which can be purchased with Bounty Points has been greatly increased. Many of these rewards are designed to reduce much of the need to continue PvEing after reaching 50 for those who would rather focus immediately on RvR.

- Realizing their Atlantean masters are not returning, four sphinxes have traveled to the Hall of Heroes to offer ML credit, artifact credit, and scrolls in exchange for stories from the frontiers (represented by bounty points). Credit is obtained by purchasing the tokens they sell, then handing the tokens to them. If a token is purchased for an encounter the player already has credit for, handing the token back to the sphinx will return the Bounty Points spent.

- Bounty Point Masters have been added to each realm’s primary border keep (Castle Sauvage, Svasud Faste, and Druim Ligen). These new NPCs sell a variety of items including: realm respecs, Champion Level respecs, Master Level respecs, the chestnut horse, hastener speed gems, experience-granting scrolls (in both a 1% and 10% variety), and special new jewelry items.

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