Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Super Juniors [Korean Group]

Super Juniors made up of 13 members

SJ {When they were a 12 member group} Debuted with song "Twins"
Kyu Hyun debuted with SJ as 13th member with the song "U"

[From Top: Yeh Sung - Sung Min - Ki Bum - Hee Chul - Dong Hae - Eun Hyuk]
[From Bottom: Kang In - Ryeo Wook - Si Won - Han Kyung - Ee Teuk - Shin Dong]

[Picture above Kyu Hyun]

Credits for Kyu Hyun Picture: SJ Town Cyworld & juniorsource.com
Credits for SJ Picture: Kpopmusic.co.uk

Member Profiles:

Name: Park Jung Su
Stage Name: Ee Teuk or Lee Teuk
DOB: 01.07.83

Name: Kim Hee Chul
Stage Name: Hee Chul
DOB: 10.07.83

Name: Han Geng
Stage Name: Han Kyung
DOB: 04.02.84

Name: Kim Jong Oon
Stage Name: Yeh Sung
DOB: 24.08.84

Name: Kim Young Oon
Stage Name: Kang In
DOB: 17.01.85

Name: Shin Dong Hee
Stage Name: Shin Dong
DOB: 28.09.85

Name: Lee Sung Min
Stage Name: Sung Min
DOB: 01.0186

Name: Lee Hyuk Jae
Stage Name: Eun Hyuk
DOB: 04.04.86

Name: Lee Dong Hae
Stage Name: Dong Hae
DOB: 15.10.86

Name: Choi Shi Won
Stage Name: Shi Won
DOB: 10.02.87

Name: Kim Ryeo Wook
Stage Name: Ryeo Wook
DOB: 21.07.87

Name: Kim Ki Bum
Stage Name: Ki Bum
DOB: 21.08.87

Name: Jo Kyu Hyun
Stage Name: Kyu Hyun
DOB: 03.02.88

Vol.1 Super Junior 05

Korean Singles:
1st Single: U

Featured In:
2005 - Show Me Your Love [With TVXQ] {2 Tracks}
2006 - SM Town Smmer Album 2006 {3 Tracks}

TV Related
{TV Shows which they are mainly featured in}

Super Junior Show
Super Junior Full House
Super Adonis Camp

SJ have had 2 baby groups formed from the main mother group. They are:

K.R.Y - (Consisting of)
Kyu Hyun - Ryeo Wook - Yeh Sung

SJ T - (Consisting of)
Hee Chul - Ee Teuk - Sung Min - Kang In - Hyuk Jae - Shin Dong