Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Anita Yuen show support to Andy

At the Hong Kong Film Awards presentation ceremony last night, the organiser specially arranged Anita Yuen to go onto the stage to talk about the Andy Lau crazy fan incident to show her support to Andy. She pointed out that she had took up many roles all these years which includes Miss Hong Kong, actress, Best Actress winner, last year she took up the best role -- mother, but she won't be taking up the role of a fan, as she would not go idol visiting, car chase after idol's car, waiting for idol at the hotel, she will respect her idol as she know that they require their personal space too, what a fan should do is to support his/her idol and a successful idol would not like the fans to disturb the fan's life, both side should support and encourage one another.

Anita said: "Last year I acted in Protege while I was pregnant, hope I can win Best Supporting Actress in 2008, currently I'm an Andy Lau fan, although he's under huge pressure, but I wanted to tell him: Andy Lau, I support you forever."