Monday, April 30, 2007

Funny Ella Chen & Wu Chun at "Hana Kimi" Press Conference

Credit: Asianpopcorn

First, she rested her head on his shoulder. Then, she whispered into his ear.

The final straw: She slapped his butt.

Suggestive moves by Ella Chen, of Taiwanese girl band S.H.E.

Her target? Wu Chun (吴尊), 27, of Fahrenheit, who plays her love interest in the popular idol drama Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (花样少男少女).

The couple have been rumoured to be dating since filming together last year. They also played lovers in the series' theme song by S.H.E.

Fans have also been rooting for the singletons to hook up. But when you put their intimate exchange in context, you realise they are just buddies. There was no hint of romance as they bickered and teased each other. When asked if there are sparks between them, an impish Ella, 25, replied: 'I really like Wu Chun!' Leaning over to rest her head on his left shoulder for dramatic effect, she added: 'See, we've gone public.'

But you know she had to be joking. For they went on to dish the dirt about each other. But not before whispering into each other's ears for permission first.

Wu Chun, who hails from Brunei, revealed of his co-star: 'She wears colourful underwear and she'd lift up her shirt to show us during filming.' Ella then went on to discuss Wu Chun's choice of white undies and poked fun at how he once wore black briefs under white shorts.

'His butt is so round, but mine is so flat. I'm bo ka ceng (Hokkien for no backside) while he's dua ka ceng (big backside).' As if to demonstrate her point, Ella made Wu Chun stand next to her so that we could compare their bums.

Then, the unimaginable happened.

While photographers clicked away, Ella reached out her left hand and slapped Wu Chun's right butt cheek. He jumped in surprise, but did not protest. Both of them laughed it off.

Was Ella just playing tit for tat?

After all, Wu Chun got away with grabbing her chest in the show.

She plays a girl who cross-dresses to enter a boys' school. But he discovers her identity when he had to carry her in one scene, which took seven NGs (retakes) to complete.

He said: 'The director told me I must be bold enough to touch Ella's chest... So I deliberately (did the) NG many times.'

And how did Ella feel? 'Itchy,' she said, with embarrassment.

When Wu Chun expressed surprise, she shot back: 'Of course I felt something. Do you think I'm a block of wood? But I also felt embarrassed, so I hid in one corner after the filming.' Ella was clearly more comfortable facing the media - she has had six years of showbiz experience - while Wu Chun seemed rather bashful. Both said they worked well together. Ella was like a big sister who took care of everyone, added Wu Chun.

Any chance of romance blossoming between them?

Ella said: 'Relationships require time, but both of us are just too busy, so we leave it to the future. But if Wu Chun makes the first move, maybe.'

Turning to Wu Chun, she teased: 'So how? Do you want to woo me?'

His shy response: 'How would we know what's in the future?'

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