Thursday, April 26, 2007

Myolie Suffers Swollen Knees to Shoot Sexy Photos

As spokesperson for a slimming company, Myolie Wu has successfully slimmed down to just 105 lbs and trashed the rumours that she was binge eating in Beijing. After slimming down, she is even more confident in herself because she has slimmed her body but not her bust, so she has achieved the figure of her dreams.

Myolie shot a set of sexy ads for her sponsors earlier and each of her looks was very alluring. Among them, the 'wild angel' and 'innocent devil' were the most daring. Myolie also complimented the looks with nearly a hundred pieces of her own jewellery and although she was kneeling until her knees were red and swollen, the beautiful outcome of her pictures made it all worth it.

When Myolie dressed as her 'innocent devil' look, she wore a super short skirt to show off her legs. For 'wild angel', she pushed herself to the limit and just wore a feather 'nu bra'. She smiles: "The nu-bra was very heavy and there was always a danger of it slipping downwards, so I was regretting it at the time. So when we started shooting and I put my hands down, the crew and I were all very nervous, so they completed the shoot in only three minutes." Also, she posed in an s-shaped curvy pose wearing an orange low cut top, showing off her great figure, beauty and femininity all at once.

Credits : TVBSpace